Synthetic Paper for printing Certificates and Mark sheets

It’s been often said, “A single sheet of paper cannot decide your future.” Considering this is wrong, all of us know the importance of certificates and mark sheets in our lives. All of us have been working relentlessly to add such papers to our folders.

These documents certainly decide our standings in particular fields. Why not secure your valuable documents with specialized Non-Tearable Synthetic paper to enhance their life and to provide durability.
We have a special range of paper for educational printing purposes; ideal for printing certificates and mark sheets. Our Synthetic Non-Tearable Paper has been used by some of the renowned universities for printing their certificates and mark sheets. This application elevated as they were looking for a speciality paper that could offer durability and advanced features. And we could help them with the best suitable option for their important documents. Since then we have been supplying our paper in the market for printing certificates and mark sheets. Along with offering tear and water resistance, our Synthetic paper is enhanced with certain speciality features such as watermarks, holograms, gold foiling, Invisible UV fibers, embedded chips, RFID solutions, etc.

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